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any 'home theater specialist' can wall-mount a TV. People who love TV shows, sports, movies and music call Masterpiece Home Theater.

The Movie Lover’s Choice

If you want a TV wall-mounted, a soundbar installed or a home-theater-in-a-box system setup, there's a myriad of 'home theater specialists' you could call. But if you want home entertainment that will thrill you – night after night, month after month for years to come, Masterpiece Home Theater is the company you call. Our unbridled passion combined with unrivaled expertise is the perfect recipe for jaw-dropping home theater.

Home Theater was Meant to be Immersive

Home Theater technology was developed with one goal: to immerse you in the story, allowing you to forget your day-to-day troubles and get caught up in what's happening on the screen. If your home theater system wasn't designed to fully leverage that technology, you're just "watching TV".

Ease of Use is Paramount

No one likes to switch back and forth between 4 or 5 remotes. If your system is frustrating or cumbersome to control, you may be less likely to use it. Our "One Button Simple" remotes are precisely that. Want to watch TV? Press the "Watch TV" button – everything else is automatic, from what gets turned on/off to the input selections, video mode, audio mode, even dim the lights and draw the curtains.

No Dedicated Theater Room Required

If you have a room that can be dedicated to home theater, that\’s terrific. We can certainly work with that and there are typically fewer limitations. Integrating home theater functionality, seamlessly and unobtrusively, into a multi-purpose room is trickier, and calls for some creativity – but it\’s one of our specialties. Technology doesn\’t have to dominate the room; in fact, it can be virtually invisible.

"One of the 10 best home theater designers in the country." — AudioVideoBuyersGuide.com

Affordable Excellence. Elegant Precision. Blissful Simplicity.
Extraordinary Performance. Profoundly Entertaining.
These are the hallmarks of a Masterpiece Home Theater.

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About Us

Get to know Southern Arizona's premier home theater designer

Masterpiece Home Theater designs immersive home theater systems using the same standards and criteria used in the best commercial cinemas... Surprisingly affordable... No dedicated theater room required.

  • Immersive Home Theater Design
  • Multi-Room Audio/Video
  • Elegantly Simple Control Systems
  • Home Automation


Meet Southern Arizona's Very Best Home Theater Design Team
Don Ferris
President and Chief Designer
Don has been working with home theater since the late 70s. He was there for the birth of the LaserDisc (predecessor to CD, DVD and Blu-ray), Hi-Fi VCR and Dolby Surround Sound. With over 35 years experience, Don is one of a handful of elite home theater experts in the U.S.
Krista Leigh
Office Manager and Customer Service Specialist
Chris Chandler
Ed Lopez


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"So simple my four-year-old can use it!"

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